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Center ACET set up on its site the rubric “The experience not forgotten” to make room for texts written by people who have been persecuted for their political views and convictions during the communist regime in Bulgaria. With the explicit consent of the authors, here we will present everybody and will publish all the materials which they submit to us.
Our aim is to make more people aware of the experienced so as not to be forgotten and repeated.




Kamen Trifonov was born on the 28th of January 1929. During the communist regime in Bulgaria he suffered political persecution and torture.
He says for himself: “I’m a farmer”. In 1950, together with other close companions – farmers, he organised an illegal group which aimed to restore the Bulgarian Agrarian National Union “Nikola Petkov” and to oppose the illegal deprivation of people’s land property. On 08.04.1951 he was arrested. In the autumn of that same year he and his companions were brought to trial. Mr Kamen Trifonov was given the death sentence. After he had been expecting the execution of the judgement for one year, he got to know that his sentence was reversed and substituted for 20 years of imprisonment. Later he understood that the sentence had been quashed still in March 1952 but during his time in prison he was treated like a dead man.
During the following ten years of his life he consecutively served his sentence in the prisons of Vratsa, Sofia, Pleven and Pazardzhik. After he was released he was forced to stay in Pazardzhik. According to the National Security Service he had no right to live or work neither in the capital, nor in his native town.
The published poems were written after the political changes in 1989. But they are rewritten on the basis of a manuscript which was written during his stay in prison and reflects an actual story which took place in February 1951. Then he was taken from the Vratsa prison to Sofia to testify upon a trial against the high leadership of his Bulgarian Agrarian National Union “Nikola Petkov”, which, at that time, had already been prohibited.


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