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International conference
22.05.2009 @ 12:53 | Site News

Under the auspices of the European Commission

The Assistance Center for Torture Survivors (ACET)
organizes the
International Conferences "Political Persecution in Different Context – What are the Psychological Consequences for the Subject and Next
May 28 - 29, 2009 in Sofia, Bulgaria

Venue: Best Western City Hotel, 6 Stara Planina Str., Sofia

Working languages: English and Bulgarian (a simultaneous translation will be provided)

The programme of the Conference includes presentations of speakers from 5 countries – Albania, Argentina, Bulgaria, the Netherlands and the South Africa. 

The themes of the conference cover the following fields: 

• Political Persecution, State Terror, Apartheid
• Influence of trauma and its psychological consequences on next generations
• Assessment and evaluation of mental health services
The Conference will be held with the participations of the following organizations:

 Albanian Rehabilitation Center for Trauma and Torture Victims (ARCT), Albania

ARCT is the only rehabilitation centre providing cares for victims of the past totalitarian regime in Albania. Primary objectives of ARCT is to offer medical, psychosocial, legal and social assistance to victims of torture and their families and to raise public awareness about the consequences of torture and its impact on society. 

 Argentine Team of Psycho-Social Work and Research / Equipo Argentino de Trabajo e Investigacion Psicosocial (EATIP)
EATIP is association of psychologists and psychiatrists that provides free psycho-therapeutic treatment to those affected by human rights violations.
Guest speakers from EATIP Argentina will be:
- Diana Ruth Kordon – psychiatrist and psychotherapist, PhD. in Psychology and Ethics in the University of Buenos Aires. She is an author and co-author of articles in national and international books and magazines.
- Dario Lagos – psychiatrist, co-founder and member of the Council of IRCT (The International Rehabilitation Council for Torture Victims) from 1986 to 1993.
Diana Kordon and Dario Lagos are co-authors of number of publications such as ‘Psychological Effects of Political repression’, ‘Impunity – psychological and clinical perspective’, ‘Psychological and psycho-social effects of repression and impunity. From the dictatorship till nowadays’.

 Foundation Centrum’45, the Netherlands
Centrum’45 is the Dutch national expert centre for specialised psychological and psychiatric treatment to victims of torture, persecution and other forms of organized violence. Centrum’45 aims to broaden the knowledge of the effects of traumatic events and the expertise in trauma treatment by research and education in the field of psychotraumatology.
The clients of Centrum’45 come from very diverse backgrounds. They vary from World War II victims to veterans, refugees, asylum seekers and also include people who were traumatized whilst carrying out their profession.

 Trauma Center of Survivors of Violence and Torture (TCSVT), South Africa
TCSVT provides informed, accessible, preventive and curative mental health services to individuals, communities and systems affected by violence. The centre also raises awareness with regard to torture and human rights abuses. The clients of the organization include ex-political prisoners from the Apartheid Era, ex-combatants, returned exiles and their families, as well as refugees and asylum seekers.
Guest speakers from TCSVT, South Africa will be Miriam Fredericks (Political Violence Coordinator) and Carmen Lo-Shang (Psychologist: Trauma Response)

The team of ACET is going to present the professional experience of ACET in the Rehabilitation programme. Speakers on behalf of ACET will be: Mimoza Dimitrova (psychologist, psychotherapist), Dr. Evgeni Genchev (psychotherapist), Diana Tsirkova (psychologist, children psychotherapist), Veselka Hristova (psychiatrist, psychotherapist), Kristina Gologanova (social worker), Svetozar Dimitrov (psychologist), Konstantin Banderov (group therapist), Kalina Yordanova (psychologist), Vanya Dimitrova (social worker).

Publisher: Centre ACET

Trauma Healing and Hope: Overcoming Legacies of Political Violence
17.12.2008 @ 16:19 | Site News

‘Trauma Healing and Hope: Overcoming Legacies of Political Violence’
An International Seminar, 8-13 December, Bellagio, Italy 

The Center for Victims of Torture (CVT), Minnesota, held an international seminar concerning counselling and psychotherapy for victims of torture. The seminar was organized with the financial support of United States Agency for International Development (USAID) and the Rockefeller Foundation.
Twenty one psychologists, psychotherapists and physicians from Africa, Asia, Europe, the North and South America attended the seminar. The programme of the training included theoretical presentations, group exercises, sharing experience among the participants working at assistance centres for torture survivors in their countries. During the 5-day seminar discussions and learning from experience were encouraged. The Center ACET was presented by Mimoza Dimitrova, psychologist, psychotherapist, director of ACET.

Publisher: Centre ACET

Training seminar for employees from Boichinovtsi Juvenile Detention Center and representatives of Chief Directorate Execution of Punishment under the Ministry of Justice.
05.12.2008 @ 14:14 | Site News

‘Delinquent youth – between psychopathology and social exclusion’
Training seminar, 4-5 December, 2008, Congress Center Forum, Sofia

In the frames of the project ‘Strengthening the system for reception, referral and care for torture victims in Bulgaria’ the Center ACET organized 2-day seminar. It was hold with the participation of the employees from Boichinovtsi Juvenile Detention Center and representatives of Chief Directorate Execution of Punishment under the Ministry of Justice.
The discussed issues were torture, the connection between aggression and violence when children and adolescents are concerned. An accent was put on exploring the family context and trans-generational aspects of the early traumatism among children.
A lecturer of the seminar was Dr Krasimir Ivanov, psychiatrist. Speakers and facilitators were Diana Cirkova, director of Center for Psychosocial support, and Mimoza Dimitrova, director of ACET.

Publisher: Centre ACET

Training seminar for emlployees of Caritas Bulgaria and students form Legal clinic for Refugees and Immigrants
05.12.2008 @ 13:41 | Site News

‘Identification, interviewing and tracking the cases of torture victims and other vulnerable people detained at the Center for Temporary Accommodation of Foreigners’
Training seminar, 4 December, 2008, hall Veren, Sofia

In the frames of the project ‘Strengthening the system for reception, referral and care for torture victims in Bulgaria’ the Center ACET organized one day seminar. Employees of Caritas Bulgaria and students from the Legal Clinic for Refugees and Immigrants at the Law Faculty of Sofia University participated in the training.
During the seminar discussed issues were the psychological and medical consequences of torture, identifying and interviewing of torture survivors, as well as the secondary traumatization and coping mechanisms of dealing with victims. The students were especially interested in the psychological evidence of torture and trauma and their application in trial procedures.
Speakers of the seminar were Dr Evgeni Genchev, psychotherapist from Center ACET and Dr Veselka Hristova, psychiatrist from Center Dynamica.

Publisher: Centre ACET

Seminar on the topic Real trauma/psychichological trauma. Trans-generational / inter-generational and psychotherapeutic aspects
21.10.2008 @ 12:31 | Site News

Within the frames of the project "Providing and Enhancing Quality Rehabilitation Services for Second Generation Victims of Torture" (DDH 118-202), supported by the European Commission, the Center ACET organizes on the 8th -9th November a seminar on the topic:  Real trauma/psychichological trauma. Trans-generational / inter-generational and psychotherapeutic aspects.
For more information please look at the
programme and the registration form of the seminar.

Publisher: Centre ACET

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